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Your Business Loses More Than Hardware When MacBooks Are Damaged

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

What does your business really lose when MacBooks are damaged? Is it just hardware that’s easy to replace?

The truth is businesses lose far more than just some hardware when a MacBook screen is cracked or the hard drive stops working due to a fall or other impact.

This is why it’s so important for businesses to be proactive. By protecting MacBooks now, damage is far less likely and businesses lose less.

Employees Can’t Work

According to one survey, a single hour of downtime costs 98% of businesses over $100,000. While your entire business doesn’t go down when a single MacBook is damaged, you still have at least one employee who is experiencing downtime.

Unless you have a spare MacBook on hand that’s already pre-loaded with all the apps and user data that employee needs, you’re looking at hours worth of downtime for that employee. Every time a MacBook is damaged, your business loses even more hours. Over the course of a year, you could potentially experience the same financial costs from MacBook damage as an hour of your network going down.

Data Is Gone Forever

Everyone knows backups are important. While Apple makes it easy to back up your Mac, businesses may choose a different backup method. From having daily backups to data being stored and accessed in the cloud, the methods vary greatly. But what happens if data isn’t backed up immediately and a MacBook hard drive is damaged?

While you can pay for hard drive recovery services, there isn’t a guarantee that 100% of all hard drive data is recoverable. What if an employee hadn’t backed up their files on a project they’d been working on for a month? Suddenly, all of that data is potentially gone forever. You can’t get it back and all of the time spent on those files is lost as well.

Customers Can’t Get Support

Rarely do you think about damaged MacBooks resulting in angry customers and harm to your business’s reputation. However, if your employee damages their MacBook, this is exactly what could happen. When they can’t access their files and email quickly, customers don’t get the support they need in a timely manner. Sadly, most people aren’t satisfied when you tell them you’re having tech problems.

All it takes is a few bad experiences and reviews to start hurting your business’s brand. By avoiding damage to start with, you’re better able to be there when customers need you.

Time Is Wasted Waiting For Repairs

Yes, most damaged MacBooks can be repaired, which is great. However, you have to send them off to be repaired, which may take days or weeks. Until then, you’re left without your MacBook. This is just wasted time. Even with a temporary MacBook, you still waste time getting an employee set up on something new and then getting their repaired MacBook prepped to be used again.

Of course, you don’t just lose time. Your business also loses money as even covered repairs aren’t free. Simply buying protective MacBook cases like Hexpact is all it takes to prevent these losses and many others.

IT Is Taken Away From Other Tasks

Another commonly overlooked loss is IT’s time. Your IT department has to step away from other important tasks to find an alternative way for employees to work. They also have to deal with Apple to get the machine repaired. In addition, they’re faced with ensuring an employee’s MacBook is re-loaded with all the right apps and user permissions when it comes back from being repaired.

This is time they could be using to watch for potential network and security problems, updating systems and choosing newer and better apps. Your IT department loses multiple hours every time a MacBook is damaged.

Tired of worrying about all the potential losses? Stop worrying and see how our line of protective MacBook cases and sleeves help reduce your business’s losses.

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