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The HexPact™ Series Case- Now Available!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

The innovative HexPact series of laptop cases is now available! Building on the success of our Neon Party laptop cases, the first-of-its-kind HexPact is now shipping to Mac laptop users worldwide. 

Drawing on observation of nature’s strongest shapes, and deep research in materials science and physics, iBenzer’s innovative new HexPact® case represents a new level of protection for MacBook Air and Pro models.  Our unique and patented two-layer design dissipates impact forces, with special attention to corners impact absorption. These protective features are accomplished within a distinctive and attractive external case that looks great in the classroom, boardroom, and beyond. The HexPact is equally at home for road warriors, home users, students, and users at every activity level. Our cases are each built for years of use to match your lifestyle.

HexPact was designed from the ground up for one purpose: dissipating the amount of force transferred to your laptop. Using recent advances in materials science as our guide, our bi-layer case design absorbs and distributes impact forces. We all know that corners are the most vulnerable in a drop or impact event. HexPact’s corners are double reinforced with a strong frame and shock absorbent materials.

We’ve also designed HexPact to be easy to grip, reducing the chance that you’ll need it’s protective features. HexPact helps you keep your laptop safe, and has even passed Military Standard 810G for impact resistance.

Heat is the natural enemy of electronics, so the HexPact is designed to keep your laptop cool. The thermal engineering of today’s laptops is complicated, and our cases maintain the free airflow that Apple designed.

As leaders in the laptop protection field, our HexPact design has been awarded a US Patent, as well as other awards including a CES Innovation Award. iBenzer’s engineers are at the forefront of laptop protection.

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idevice service
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