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At iBenzer, we’ve spent the last eight years focused on one simple goal: designing, engineering, and delivering best-in-class protection and accessories for laptop users worldwide. From our evolving line of MacBook Air and Pro shells to the 360 degree protection of our universal sleeve lineup, iBenzer develops products that exceed our consumers’ expectations. Strong, unique, and adaptable products - every one built to be strongly you. 


Our design team begins with a focused question: how will our products fit into the active lifestyles of todays busy professionals, students, and home users? Our customer-driven approach advises every decision at iBenzer, from design to service and our corporate leadership. Our products are thoughtfully designed to be at once out of the way, and adaptable to how our customers use their computers and cases. We’ve built a strong brand around strong cases, and we never stop pushing forward the frontiers of mobile protection.  


After understanding every aspect of how our customers use their laptops and cases, we turn to our outstanding engineering team and materials scientists to build the strongest and lightest cases possible. Since our inception, the constant teamwork among our designers, manufacturing team, and customers has delivered a strong lineup of unique and uniquely usable products that just… fit. And the market has responded, placing iBenzer at #48 on the Inc500 List of fastest growing companies in the United States. We’ve also won a CES Innovation Award, recognizing the new protection paradigm in our flagship HexPact™ line of cases.  


To date, hundreds of organizations and hundreds of thousands of users have made iBenzer their choice for laptop protection. From our Neon Party cases in a spectrum of colors and designs to fit every taste and expression, to our distinctive HexPact case and Bumptect sleeve designs, iBenzer has emerged as the clear choice for laptop owners. Thoughtful and adaptive design. The latest materials. Strong customer service. And products always built around you. That’s iBenzer. 

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