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5 Ways To Keep Your MacBook Safer While Traveling

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

If you travel often with your MacBook, it’s important to be careful to avoid damaging it as you go from place to place.

Whether you’re flying, driving or taking a train, it’s easy for your MacBook to get bumped around. Luggage can fall and shift, turning your MacBook into an unfortunate victim.

While you can keep your iPhone on your hip or in your purse, it’s not always so easy to keep your MacBook right with you during your travels.

Store In An Impact Resistant Case

Whether you’re MacBook is being stored in a suitcase or you’re just carrying it with you, you need an impact resistant case, such as the HexPact. All it takes is someone bumping into you while trying to board a train to cause you to drop your MacBook. If you’re not using a protective case, you could be left with damaged internal components and even a broken screen.

Remember, when traveling, a stronger case is necessary. Simple sleeves only shield your device from dirt and debris, not harmful impacts.

Pack Tightly

The more room your MacBook has to move around, the easier it is to get damaged. For instance, if you have your MacBook in a hard shell case that’s too big, it could slide around and all those jolts aren’t good for it. Always use a case that’s the exact fit your MacBook. It’ll fit snug, keeping it much safer. If you’re using a small protective sleeve, consider packing it in the middle of your luggage, between your clothing. The extra layers provide additional protection, especially when flying.

Never Leave It Unattended

While this advice isn’t always possible, such as when you store your MacBook in your luggage while flying, try to keep it directly with you if you can. Thieves love to grab MacBooks and all types of laptops. In fact, a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. As one writer for The Guardian discovered, it’s a highly traumatic experience.

Before you travel, prepare for the worst. Completely back up your MacBook. MacWorld provides four methods for backing up your device. You can also use Time Machine or follow Apple’s tips for other forms of backups. At least if your MacBook is stolen, you won’t lose all your data. Remember to password protect your device to keep it more secure. Apple also provides a useful tool for tracking a stolen MacBook.

Protect From Random Liquids

Depending on your mode of travel, you could be sat right next to an extremely messy child. In just a few seconds, your MacBook could be filled with juice, milk or any other liquid the kid might have. On a crowded train, a fellow passenger might trip and spill their drink on your bag. A splash resistant case, such as the Bumptect Pro, reduces the risk of damage should your MacBook come into contact with a random liquid.

Naturally, you should still wipe off any liquids immediately. After all, you really don’t want your protective case getting sticky. You also don’t want the liquid getting on anything else in your bag, such as a flash drive or wireless mouse.

Lock Your Case Or Bag

It might seem inconvenient to have to unlock your case or bag every time you want to use your MacBook, but it’s also a great way to keep your MacBook safer while traveling. For instance, if you have your MacBook in a messenger bag, it’s easy for thieves to slip it out while your back is turned. With a lock on the zipper, it’s much harder for a thief to simply open the bag, grab your MacBook and run.

If you’re packing your MacBook in with your luggage, lock your luggage. Locks also prevent your luggage from accidentally coming open during transit. It’s well worth the investment for the peace of mind in knowing your MacBook and luggage is safer.

Looking for more ways to protect your MacBook while traveling? Check out iBenzer’s protective accessories today.

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