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Why Your MacBook Deserves A Case Like Your iPhone

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Take a look at your iPhone for a moment. What’s the first thing you notice? It’s probably the protective case.

Now, do the same thing with your MacBook. It’s probably sitting on a desk or slid down in a thin sleeve. Both devices are important, but yet, only one of them has a case to protect it.

If you don’t think your MacBook deserves a case like your iPhone, think again. Let these five reasons show you exactly why it does need the same protection.

It’s Full Of Irreplaceable Files

Despite knowing that you should back up your MacBook, how often do you? Think about all the photos, important documents, family videos and more stored on your device. What would happen if your MacBook was knocked off your desk? Enough of a jolt could ruin the hard drive. It could cost you hundreds for a professional to even attempt to restore some of your files.

Avoid the risk by getting a case that protects against random falls and bumps. For instance, the Hexpact is designed to distribute the force of an impact, preventing the risk of damage.

Both Are Expensive

Currently, the average MacBook price is $1,799. The iPhone X costs $999. When the iPhone costs less than your MacBook, why would you protect it and not your MacBook? While your iPhone might get a little more wear and tear than your MacBook, it’s just as easy to damage either device. Your iPhone would probably be safe thanks it’s protective case. Your MacBook, on the other hand, would have to be replaced. Unless you have an extra $1,799 lying around, it’s much cheaper to prevent the damage to begin with.

The Warranty Isn’t Great

MacBooks come with a one year limited hardware warranty. In layman’s terms, most damages aren’t covered unless they’re a result of a manufacturer defect. However, you can extend your warranty for up to three years. This includes technical support and hardware repair due to damage. While that sounds great in theory, the warranty only covers two accidental incidents. Each incident requires you to pay a $99 service fee if it’s related to your screen or external enclosure. Other damages cost your $299 per incident.

Should you have to fully use your warranty, you’re going to end up paying as much as $600 to repair your MacBook. That’s a third of the average MacBook price. When the right case could protect your device for less than $100, isn’t it worth it?

Both Are Fragile Devices

While both your iPhone and your MacBook are incredible powerful machines, they’re still fragile. Just think about all the broken iPhone screens you see. For those who take their MacBooks with them to work, school or just the local coffee shop, it’s only a matter of time before you experience that fragility first hand.

Your MacBook might be larger, but that doesn’t mean it’s more durable. The screen can still be broken and scratched. The case itself can crack and bend. Once either of those are damaged, the internal components are next. After all, a cracked case just means there is now an open area for more dirt and debris to get inside.

You Rely On Both

Could you imagine your day without either of your devices? Probably not. Your iPhone’s great for certain tasks, but your MacBook’s great when you need a larger screen and a dedicated keyboard. Think about it like having two cars. Would you only choose to do regular maintenance on one, but not the other? No. You rely on both vehicles, so you’d maintain both to keep them running.

The same applies to your MacBook. It’s just as important to you as your iPhone. So, treat it that way and get it the protective case it deserves.

Remember that different cases offer varying levels of protection. Make sure to get the right case for your needs.

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