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Why Most MacBook Cases Can't Stand Up To Daily Business Use

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

You might think employees would be careful with their MacBooks, but the truth is, MacBooks get put through the wringer on a daily basis.

Even the most careful employees have accidents. However, even when you put a case on a MacBook, it may not be able to stand up to daily business use either.

Of course, this leads businesses to think cases aren’t worth it. Actually, the right cases are able to stand up to all the daily abuse and more.

Made More For Fashion

Those pretty or edgy looking MacBook cases do let your employees show off their personalities, but those are made to be fashionable. Most are made of plastic that doesn’t do anything to protect against impacts. They look great on a MacBook, but that’s about all they’re good for.

For daily business use, fashion isn’t a practical option. Simply carrying the MacBook to and from work is enough to skyrocket the risk of accidental impacts and drops. It’s much better to opt for cases designed specifically for protection, such as the Hexpact case the lasted generation of Macbook case.

Difficult To Put On

Some protective MacBook cases still aren’t effective for daily business use mainly because they’re too difficult to put on. While they should fit tightly, you shouldn’t feel as if you have to bend your MacBook to get them on. When it’s too challenging to install correctly, employees may not get them on right. When the MacBook does fall, the case falls off too. The end result may be a slightly less damaged MacBook, but a damaged one nonetheless. Always carefully check all reviews to ensure how other users have fared.

Falls Off Easily

Of course, some MacBook cases aren’t made specifically for individual MacBook models. Those general cases tend to fall off easily. Since they’re not made to fit just right, they may leave portions of your MacBook unprotected. For instance, if your MacBook lands on the top of the enclosure, it might be fine. But, the case might slide off the bottom, causing damage to the hard drive and logic board.

Of course, if a case falls off easily, employees may just stop using it. With daily use, these types of cases are going to fall off regularly as the MacBook is picked up and moved around.

Poorly Made

Sadly, some protective MacBook cases claim to protect your MacBook, but just can’t deliver. They’re made of thin plastic that breaks easily. In fact, they may break worse than your MacBook during a fall. Another issue is the more frequently you use your MacBook, the quicker these poorly made cases break. For instance, just opening and closing the MacBook may cause fractures around the hinges.

This is why it’s always important to look for materials such as TPU and polycarbonate which are designed to withstand impacts that happen during daily business use. For instance, the Hexpact utilizes a honeycomb design made from polycarbonate and TPU for optimal protection while still remaining lightweight.

Cause Damage To The MacBook

Poorly made MacBook cases are one thing, but some are so poorly made that they actually damage the MacBook. When it comes to daily use, the case may wear at the hinges, causing them to crack. If the case doesn’t fit correctly, it could put pressure around the screen, resulting in screen damage.

Some cases aren’t made to provide adequate airflow. While they might protect from a fall, they cause overheating with normal to heavy usage. Overheating fries the hard drive and ruins the MacBook. Anytime a case doesn’t fit right, reduces access to ports, makes it difficult to open or close the MacBook or is impossible to put on, it may cause more harm than good.

Want a protective MacBook case designed specifically to stand up to daily business use? Check out Hexpact case to see how it provides a stylish, yet protective design.

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