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What Makes The Hex Design Effective Against Damage

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

You might look at the Hexpact and think those shapes are just for show. After all, how could that offer much protection?

The answer might surprise you. The hex shape is carefully thought out to be more than a pretty face. It’s also a way to strengthen a MacBook case.

While there’s nothing wrong with a solid case, a different design does make a difference and provides even stronger impact protection.

Evenly Distributes Impacts

This might sound like a horrible idea, but think about it. You’ve probably seen those magic acts where someone lays on a bed of nails without getting punctured. By laying down across all the nails at once, the body’s weight is evenly distributed, preventing the body from falling on any single nail.

The hex shape does the same. The design naturally absorbs and distributes the force of an impact to prevent damage. In fact, researchers at the University of Texas are using the hexagonal honeycomb shape to provide impact protection in cars, helmets and military equipment.

It’s Efficient

You may have noticed that the Hexpact case resembles a high-tech beehive. This is done on purpose. Bees have always known that hexagons are highly efficient. Now, a MacBook case gets the same treatment. Bees opt for a hex shape because it’s lightweight and eliminates gaps that could compromise the structure.

The hex design on a MacBook case allows you to have a lightweight case that doesn’t have any gaps or weak points. After all, you wouldn’t just protect part of your MacBook, right?

Superior Materials

The hex design by itself offers protection, but it’s what the hex shape is made out of that makes the design even stronger. Hexpact cases are made from TPU and polycarbonate.

TPU, or thermoplastic polyurethane, is often used as a replacement for hard rubber. This is because it’s a naturally strong material. You often find it in sports equipment, shoes and tubing.

Polycarbonate is most often used in products that require impact resistance and transparency. When compared to other plastics, it’s one of the strongest available, nearly doubling the impact resistance of ABS plastic.

When combined, the two create an incredibly durable material that protects your MacBook against impact. Now, combine that with a hex design and you’ve got a combination that’s hard to beat.

Complete Protection

The hex design provides 360 degree protection. It doesn’t matter whether your MacBook lands on the lid or base. It’s protected. By wrapping the design around the entire MacBook, it’s even stronger when it comes to bumps, falls and other shocks.

The impact is fully dissipated so your MacBook never knows anything happened. Your wallet is also much happier.

Better Ventilation

It doesn’t matter how protective a MacBook case is if it cases your MacBook to overheat. The hex design allows for better airflow. Plus, the Hexpact is designed with cutouts for all ports and vents. There’s even rubberized corner stands to allow for better airflow underneath.

Not only do you get protection from impacts, but you don’t have to worry about your hard drive or motherboard getting fried due to overheating. This prevents even more damage and extends the life of your MacBook.

Easier To Hold

A solid case may slip out of your fingers, even if it’s rubber. However, the hex design isn’t solid. This makes it much easier to get a solid grip on the case when you take your MacBook with you. Think of it as a non-slip textured grip. Of course, this also helps protect it from sliding off of desks and your lap.

You’ll appreciate the hex design the next time you need to carry your MacBook. Even with sweating palms, you’re safer. Plus, if you do drop it, it’s protected.

A hex design gives superior protection, but looks incredible too. Accessorize and protect with a Hexpact case.

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