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The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Family SHARE

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Finding the best Christmas gifts for your family isn’t always easy. They already seem to have everything.

Odds are, your family members all have electronic devices or want new ones, so that’s always a great place to start. Of course, don’t forget to buy protection for devices they already own.

You don’t have to wrack your brain for the perfect gift. Your family’s actually easier to shop for than you might think.


Why not give the gift of a computer that’s secure, powerful and light-weight? Give them a MacBook and nothing Santa could bring will even begin to compete. If that’s not quite in your budget, opt for a refurbished model. You get incredible power and battery life at a cheaper price.

MacBook Protection

What if the person you’re shopping for already has a MacBook? Not a problem. Just gift them protection instead. It doesn’t matter how careful someone plans to be with their MacBook, they’ll eventually drop it, spill something on it or scratch it in their bag.

Start with a protective case that fits securely and easily on the outside of their MacBook. The Hexpact is ideal for negating impacts, while the Neon Party case is perfect for adding a splash of color, while still keeping the MacBook safe from falls.

For more versatile protection, try the Bumptect Stay In case. It fits like a sleeve, but looks a carrying bag. Your relative never has to remove their MacBook from the case to use it. Simply unzip and unfold. When they’re done, zip up the waterproof zippered case and use the handle or shoulder strap to carry.

Keyboard Protection

Anyone who owns a MacBook needs a keyboard protector. It might not sound like the most extravagant gift, but it’ll save them thousands on repairing and replacing MacBooks when their coffee gets knocked over on the keyboard. Try a fun silicone rainbow keyboard cover for something that’s colorful, unique and protective.

Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone loves listening to music. Make it easier for them to hear every single nuance by picking up a Bluetooth speaker. From prices ranging from $20 to over $200, there’s something perfect for everyone on your list. For that extra special family member, opt for a smart speaker instead that lets them control music with just their voice.

Accessory Case

From USB drives to charging cables, every family member has tech accessories they don’t want to lose. One of the best Christmas gifts for your family is a case with organizing pockets and straps for all the cables, dongles, drives and more in their lives.

For MacBook owners, consider a protective case that also has an accessory pocket. This lets them keep their most important accessories close at hand. A neoprene protective case with a pocket is a simple, yet great option. For more protection, consider the Bumptect Stay In case.

Portable Chargers

Portable chargers or power banks are always a great gift idea. A basic charger costs under $20 and is enough to charge an iPhone at least once. There are also more expensive options with enough juice to fully charge a MacBook and still have some left over for your iPhone. These are ideal for any relatives who like to travel or go camping. For campers, solar powered chargers are also a great option.


Who doesn’t love getting their very own robot? Many kits are available to build, program and interact with your own robot. Your relatives can use their MacBook or iPhone to program their creations. Of course, pre-built options also work well and are easily controlled via an iPhone. This is a great idea for kids and teens, especially any who are interested in learning how to program.

Don’t over complicate your Christmas shopping. The perfect gift is easy to find and buy in just a few clicks.

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