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Should You Try A DIY MacBook Case?

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Are DIY MacBook cases as great as they sound?

It’s hard to deny the powerful performance of a MacBook, but let’s face it, they don’t exactly scream stylish or any real personality at all.

This is why stickers, cases and sleeves are so incredibly popular. They turn the bland gray into something fun and beautiful, but they’re not always cheap.

If you’re crafty or at least adventurous, you may be considering a DIY MacBook case. Before you do, make sure it’s actually safe for your MacBook.

The Trend Of DIY MacBook Cases

All it takes is a quick search on YouTube to uncover numerous DIY MacBook case tutorials. From simple stick-on skins to adhesive cases, you have wide variety of options to choose from. So why bother with DIY when you have so many options to purchase? Some tutorials state you can make your very own case or skin for less than $20. Try buying something that cheap from Apple or any other retailer.

Plus, you’re able to make it exactly like you want it. Maybe you want something absolutely no one else has. Custom printed cases cost far more than $20, but if you’re willing to put in a little work, you could make your own custom case just for the cost of supplies. Naturally, this cost varies based on what type of case you want to make.

Protection Or Style

It’s important to note one common trend with all of the DIY MacBook case tutorials. They’re all about stylish cases. None of them actually protect your MacBook from falls, spills or other incidents. On the other hand, the Hexpact case is both stylish and drop resistant.

Damaging Materials

One of the more popular DIY MacBook case tutorials has you take an X-ACTO knife to your MacBook. Unless you really know what you’re doing, the odds of you damaging the external enclosure are high. No matter how careful you are, you’re probably still going to leave a few scratches behind.

While this might not seem like an issue right now, what happens if you want to change your DIY case? Unless the new case covers the scratches, you’re going to have glaring damage on display every time you use your MacBook.

Of course, there’s also the problem with using adhesives on your MacBook. If you’re creating a skin, you may use a strong adhesive to ensure it stays in place. When it comes time to take it off, you’re in for a battle. These could even cause damage to the external enclosure.

Getting The Right Fit

If you’re brave enough to go beyond a skin-like case, you have to be careful to get an exact fit, which isn’t easy. If it doesn’t fit right, you could easily drop your MacBook. Unless you have AppleCare, which only adds protection for up to two incidents, you could be looking at over $500 to repair your MacBook. Suddenly, that $20 DIY case isn’t as cost effective as it originally seemed.

Along with a snug fit, you also have to ensure you leave plenty of ventilation. Without proper ventilation, your MacBook overheats and ruins the motherboard, hard drive, memory and more. You also must make sure all ports are accessible. After all, if you can’t access your ports, you’ve lost vital functionality.

More For The Experts

A DIY MacBook case isn’t a bad idea, but it’s something that’s best left to experts at both technology and crafting. These also tend to be the people who design professional MacBook cases for sell online. At iBenzer, we’ve created our own line of unique MacBook cases that don’t require you to be a crafting expert. They’re also easy to put on. Another benefit – they’re not just stylish, but protective too.

Rather skip the DIY MacBook case trend? We think that’s a smart choice! Try one of our professionally designed MacBook cases today instead.

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