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Our Mission - Create The World's Most Beautiful MacBook Case

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we like to say that beauty is how you should protect your MacBook.

We’re on a mission to create the most beautiful MacBook case. After all, why should protection be so boring and bland?

At iBenzer, you don’t get the same cases as you do everywhere else. You get something that isn’t just functional, but stunning too.

Beautiful Colors

We believe your MacBook case should represent your unique personality. That’s why we created the Neon Party line of MacBook cases. Our two biggest standouts are our Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue models. The translucent design still allows you to see the Apple logo. However, they add a bright elegance to any MacBook.

However, beautiful doesn’t have to be ultra bright. This line also includes stunning White Marble, Black and Clear varieties. All of these cases are different from anything you’d find from other retailers.

Unique Designs

Most MacBook cases are just smooth and flat. We designed our Hexpact cases to be a little bit different. Their beauty comes from the design itself versus the colors. Each case is made of large hexagons to offer optimal impact resistance. We didn’t just cram in some padding. Instead, we used a beautiful design to create superior protection.

Our Black case gives your MacBook beautiful, almost Gothic look. For something simpler, our Clear case lets your MacBook shine through with just the outlines of hexagons. These cases are unlike any others and instantly make your MacBook the center of any conversation.

Bumptect In Style

Our unique Bumptect line goes far beyond protection and adds a timeless beauty to your MacBook. Our Blue Bumptect Pro case serves as a protective sleeve and looks amazing. For something less bright, the Black version features the same unique design, but in a more classic color.

We didn’t stop there, though. We also created a beautiful MacBook case that looks more like a professional shoulder bag than a simple case. The Bumptect Stay In case comes in black with a gray design over the accessory pocket. It’s immediately elegant and the strap and handle are subtle.

Sleeves That Fit You

Naturally, we offer simpler sleeves that aren’t quite as protective, but are still beautiful. For instance, our Neoprene Protective Laptop Case Sleeve Bag comes in four different color combos, including red, black, gray and teal. Each color has a complimentary color outlining the accessory pocket.

Even our deluxe model comes in four different colors, including green, pink, black and gray. This means your sleeve better matches your personality.

Custom To Your Needs

We fully believe that your MacBook case should represent you. This is why we also create the world’s most beautiful custom cases. Add your team logo, school colors, business name and more. It’s your case and it should look unique to you.

Beautiful But Protective

It’s not just our mission to create the world’s most beautiful MacBook case. It’s also our mission to the create the most beautiful and protective cases. Just because they’re gorgeous doesn’t mean they don’t offer incredible protection for your MacBook.

Our Hexpact series stands up to major impacts. Our Neon Party line protects from bangs and bumps as well. Plus, it only takes a minute to put them on. With our Bumptect Pro cases, you don’t just get protection from falls. You also get waterproof protection too. Though, you should also consider using a keyboard cover to protect your MacBook while the case is open.

The Bumptect Stay In case designed to keep your MacBook inside the case at all times, even when you’re using it. This means you get protection even if your MacBook slides off your desk or lap.

We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice beauty for protection or vice versa. We do both.

Want to protect your MacBook, but still have a stunning and beautiful case? See how our line of unique cases meet all those criteria.

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