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Join Us At CES 2018 For New Product Launches

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

CES is one the biggest tech events of the year. It’s where you get to experience the latest and greatest your favorite brands have to offer.

For MacBook lovers, make sure you set aside some time to come out and visit the iBenzer booth at CES 2018. We’re looking forward to showing you everything we have to offer.

It’s an incredible experience and one you just can’t miss if you’re as big of a tech lover as we are, or you just want to know about the coolest accessories and gadgets first.

When & Where

CES 2018 is taking place in Las Vegas, NV. The event runs from January 9-12 with great vendors and events every single day. Plan to come out for more than just a single day. There’s just too much to take in to see it all in a single day. Of course, if you can only do a single day, make sure the iBenzer booth is on your list to visit.

Sadly, space is limited, so register as soon as possible for this trade only event. If you want to get the breaking tech news first, you don’t want to wait until the last minute. We definitely hope you don’t wait. We’re eager to see you there.

See Our Newest Releases First

We already have some incredible products on our website, but we’ve decided to spice things up a bit. At CES 2018, iBenzer will introduce our newest Hexpact case. If you haven’t already checked out our existing Hexpact, it’s a highly durable case that’s designed to absorb the impact of falls, keeping your MacBook safe. It’s made from a mix of TPU with polycarbonate. The force is distributed evenly to prevent damage to your MacBook or the Hexpact case.

We’ve now made the case even better. We’d give you more details, but that would ruin the surprise at CES! For now, we’ll just let you in on a little secret – we’re not just introducing a new Hexpact. We’re also introducing two brand new colors to better match your personality and lifestyle. After all, sometimes you want more than gray or black.

Check out this handy map so you can plan the best route to get to the iBenzer booth. While we’d love to have everyone come out, CES 2018 is limited to those affiliated with the consumer technology industry. Of course, we’re not about to leave our consumers out. We’ll be making announcements directly from CES to make sure you know the moment we introduce our new Hexpact.

Of course, we’ll also be showcasing our other incredible protective cases and sleeves. After all, every MacBook deserves a case. But not just any case – a durable, protective case that extends the life of a MacBook.

Explore The Best Of Tech

We’re proud to be a part of CES 2018. We’re looking forward to not only showcasing our newest case, but checking out all the other great innovations others have to offer. It’s a great place to get new ideas and even start brainstorming products to launch at CES 2019.

While we may not have a new gadget to introduce, we’re thrilled to have a new accessory to help keep MacBooks safer. We know it’s still several weeks away, but don’t worry. January will be here before you know it. And then, you’ll finally get to see the newest features and the great new colors.

Are you coming out to CES 2018? If so, don’t forget to stop by our booth. It’s the best way to check out our newest Hexpact and see our other products in action.

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