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How To Make Your MacBook Keyboard Last Longer

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Your MacBook keyboard is a vital component that you don’t want to wear out. However, it’s also a component that’s used often.

Luckily, it’s not that difficult to help your keyboard last longer. Naturally, you could use a larger wireless keyboard, but that kind of takes away the benefits of an all-in-one machine.

All it takes is a little extra care to ensure your MacBook keyboard lasts the entire life of your device.

Use Light Pressure When Typing

Before computers, typewriters had much stiffer keys and many people who transitioned tend to type much harder. As this Quora thread points out, people who type using the hunt and peck method also hit the keys harder in an effort to type faster.

While it doesn’t seem like a bad thing to start with, the harder you hit the keys, the quicker they wear out. For instance, if you constantly slam the space bar, it could be the first key to go bad. Give your keyboard a break and treat it like you would a cute kitten – gently. Ease up on how heavy you type. You might find that also helps with wrist and finger strain.

Keep Things Clean

Dirt, debris, and liquids love to get under your MacBook keyboard keys. This can ruin individual keys or the entire keyboard. Make the keyboard last much longer by keeping the keyboard and the area around it clean. For instance, skip the snack and drink time when you’re using your MacBook.

Use compressed air and/or soft makeup brush to remove debris that’s already gotten under the keys. For stubborn spots, consider a disposable flosser with soft bristles to gently clean. Remember, be gentle or you could end up breaking a key.

Cover Your Keyboard

The absolute best way to make your MacBook keyboard last longer is to always cover your keyboard. Your keyboard is one of the few places where dirt, debris, and liquids are able to get into your device. So, a keyboard cover works to extend the keyboard’s lifespan and serves as the first line of defense against accidental internal component damage.

Keyboard covers, such as the iBenzer's Keyboard Cover, protect against key wear, spills, dirt and more. The soft silicone doesn’t affect typing and it’s easy to put on. When something gets on it, simply remove it and clean the cover. It’s much easier than trying to clean the keyboard itself.

Close When Not In Use

You may be able to help protect your keyboard when you’re right next to it, but when you walk away, anything could happen. What if someone else walks by and hits your coffee mug? If someone’s cleaning in the same room, it’s easy for dirt and dust to slip under the keys.

It’s a simple trick, but just close the lid when you’re not using your MacBook. It helps keep your MacBook cleaner, helps the keyboard last longer and even protects your privacy.

Wash Your Hands Before Typing

This might seem like an odd way to make your keyboard last longer but think about everything that gets on your hands. For instance, you might snack on your favorite potato chips while checking out Facebook. All the grease and oil from the chips is being transferred to your keyboard keys. The first problem you’ll notice is the lettering going away. Then, you end up with shiny spots on the keys.

Over time, the debris from your hands gets all over your keyboard and affects performance. Plus, it just makes the keyboard look horrible. By washing your hands before you start using your MacBook and keeping them clean for the duration, you’re able to keep your MacBook running smoother and avoid a dingy looking keyboard.

Naturally, adding a keyboard cover helps protect against this issue. Then, you wouldn’t have to worry about potato chip grease getting your keys.

If you’re using your MacBook, the keyboard’s at risk. Find out how the right accessories help protect and clean it.

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