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How Much Does It Really Cost To Repair A Damaged MacBook

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

You could be the most careful MacBook owner the world has ever seen, but accidents still happen. When they do, you could spend hundreds on repairs.

The full cost of repairs depend on the type and level of damage. For instance, replacing the screen under warranty costs less than other types of damage.

If you don’t think you need physical protection for your MacBook, take a look at how much it could cost you should you drop your MacBook or spill something on it.

Damage Under Warranty

MacBooks usually come with a limited one-year warranty. This covers damage caused by manufacturer defects. This means if you drop your MacBook and the screen shatters, it’s not covered by the warranty. As comforting as a warranty might sound, you’re not actually protected from accidents. This means damages caused by you are paid for out-of-pocket.

Protection With AppleCare+

Your original warranty doesn’t cover accidents, but AppleCare+ does. This program extends your warranty for up to three years from the original purchase date. The major difference is you get coverage for two accidental incidents too.

For a MacBook Air, coverage costs your $249. This doesn’t include anything except the coverage. For a 13” MacBook Pro, the cost is $269. If your screen or external closure is damaged, you’ll have to pay a $99 service fee. Any other damage costs you $299.

Your out-of-pocket costs to repair a broken screen for a MacBook Air under AppleCare+ would be a total of $348. Just remember, you’re only covered for two incidents during a three-year period. Anything other incidents mean you’ll pay the full cost of repairs.

Surprisingly High Costs

Tom Henderson discovered the hard way that even a seemingly simple repair isn’t cheap. His S key broke on his MacBook Air. It wasn’t under warranty and ended up costing him $475 to repair. That was just for a single key.

According to Thumbtack, your out-of-pocket costs get higher if you’re not covered under AppleCare+. Hourly costs just for having a technician work on your MacBook range from $45 to $140. In most cases, you’re looking at a few hours worth of labor for most repairs.

One of the most common repairs is the screen. Pricing begins at $250 (not including labor) and increases based on the age and model of the MacBook. If a hard drive needs to be replaced, you’ll pay anywhere from $225 to $450.

Technicians provide you with a quote based on the type of damage. For instance, you can contact the Apple Genius Bar to get a quote on how much it will cost to repair your MacBook.

Prevention Is Cheaper

Assuming you have a MacBook Air that’s covered under AppleCare+, the least you’ll pay for damage is $348 for a broken screen. This includes the cost of the warranty and the incident. If it happens a second time, it’ll cost you an additional $99.

Without any type of coverage, you have to pay hourly fees along with the cost of the hardware to repair your MacBook. On average, expect to pay over $300 for the simplest repairs.

If paying a third or more of what your MacBook’s worth just for a damaged screen or even a broken key makes you uneasy, don’t let the damage happen to begin with. Prevention costs far less than paying for the repairs afterward.

Investing in a protective case and/or sleeve means you don’t have to worry about paying hundreds if your MacBook takes a spill. For instance, the Hexpact MacBook case is only $49.99. That’s cheaper than the service fee even under warranty. Plus, this protects you from more than just two incidents.

With the Bumptect Pro sleeve, you get full protection for an active lifestyle for just $39.99. You can even protect your keyboard from liquids with a clear cover for just $12.99. For less than $100, your MacBook gets preventive protection for years to come. It’s always better to prevent than have to fix something later.

Don’t pay hundreds out-of-pocket for preventable damage. Accidents will happen, but having the right protection means no one ever has to know anything happened.

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