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How much does a cracked laptop screen cost?

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

$475, according to this repair bill.

Repairs on Apple products, especially MacBooks, can demand a hefty chunk of change. Most screen repairs on MacBooks are around $300 or more if nothing else was damaged. Things like hinge repair, liquid damage, and data recovery (if anything went wrong with your hard drive) can tag on hundreds more. It adds up quickly.

Here are some costs that typically added on to your repair bill.

Data Backup and Recovery

Most technicians will suggest that you back up your data before a repair if you don’t already have it stored online. Depending on how much data you have, backup fees range from $30-50.

If your hard drive was damaged, recovery can often be even more expensive than the repair costs. Prices on data recovery can range from $200 to $1,000 or more, depending on how much data you have and how long it takes to recover.

Liquid Damage

Liquid damage is often the costliest physical damage due to how many different parts can be damaged in a spill. These repairs often start out at about $350 and can often get much higher if multiple parts were affected.

Screen and Hinge Repair

Screen and hinge repair is the most common form of repair when you’re dealing with accidental damage. Especially if a laptop was dropped on its corner, cracked screens and broken hinges are a common occurrence.

These repairs start at about $300 for a screen and $200 for hinges. Both are best-case scenarios and often end up being somewhat higher.

Hourly Rates and Labor Costs

Most freelance technicians and repair shop owners tack on an hourly rate for their services. It’s not unusual to see a fee for $80 per hour on your bill, or more if you ordered an in-home repair. Things like data recovery, backup, and more difficult repairs like motherboard replacements can easily add on extra hours.

A lot of these costs can be avoided just by taking care of your Mac and getting the right case for it. This part is important—a case that doesn’t fit your model can be just as bad as not having a case at all. So, protect your investment and pick out a case that perfectly fits your MacBook.

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