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Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Get ready to check off everyone on your list.

Picking the right gift doesn’t have to be difficult. For the MacBook owners on your list, finding the perfect gift is easier than ever.

You shouldn’t have to stress around the holidays. They’re a time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

While gift shopping is normally one of the most stressful parts, now it doesn’t have to be with this easy holiday gift guide.


Using a MacBook, laptop or other device on your lap is a major mistake. It’s a recipe for hot legs and a damaged device. This is why a lapdesk makes the ideal gift for everyone. For those who mainly use mobile devices, consider a lapdesk with a slot to insert mobile devices so they sit at the perfect viewing angle.

MacBook Cleaning Kit

Who doesn’t have to deal with dust, dirt and debris on their MacBook and other devices? Give the gift of a clean MacBook this holiday season. Start with a novelty basket that reflects the person’s favorite hobby or interest, such as cats, comic books or gardening. Then, fill it full of microfiber cloths, different sizes of ultra soft makeup or paint brushes (for light dusting on the screen and keyboard) and a keyboard cover to keep things cleaner.

Stylish Messenger Bag

For the person who always takes their MacBook and other devices on the go, the best gift is a padded messenger bag with pockets for their MacBook, iPhone, iPad and accessories. This makes it easier to carry all their favorite devices with them everywhere. For a personal touch, consider having the bag monogrammed with their initials. With so many different sizes and colors available, you’ll find the right one for everyone on your list.

Impact Proof Case

Even with a messenger bag, a MacBook is still not as protected as it should be. Plus, what happens when the MacBook comes out of the bag? Give the gift of protection and a longer MacBook life by giving them a protective, impact resistant case.

The Hexpact case slides over your MacBook to evenly distribute the force from a fall or impact. This protects the case itself, the shell of your MacBook and of course, all the internal components, such as the hard drive. After all, no one wants to accidentally drop their MacBook and lose all those irreplaceable holiday photos.

The Bumptect Essential case provides a hard shell for your entire MacBook. It even has a handle for carrying your MacBook wherever you go. Plus, you won’t have to worry about what will happen if your drop it or someone bumps it.

These cases are the perfect gift for anyone who tends to put their MacBook through it day after day.

Colorful Case

Who doesn’t want to add a little personality to their devices? The perfect gift this season is a colorful MacBook case. For instance, the Neon Party cases come in rose quartz and serenity blue which are Pantone colors and stand out from all the other gray and white MacBooks out there. Plus, these sleeves provide a non-slip grip for keeping your MacBook where you sit it. Or prevent you from dropping it easily when you pick it up.

If you want to go a step further, consider decals that your friend, family member or co-worker can use to further customize their cases. It’s a great way to turn their favorite device into something that reflects their personality inside and out.

Spill Proof Combo Gift

Far too often, people ruin their devices by spilling coffee, tea, water and other liquids. This year, make sure it doesn’t happen again with a spill-proof combo gift set. Start with a spill resistant keyboard cover made from soft silicone. Next, add a splash resistant Bumptect Pro MacBook case. This will keep spills from getting anywhere on your closed MacBook. Finally, make it more difficult to spill anything to start with by giving them a spill proof mug or cup.

Finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. Start your holiday shopping at iBenzer today.

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