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Got A MacBook For Christmas? Make It Perfect With These 5 Accessories

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

If you got a MacBook for Christmas, you’re probably excited to start using it immediately. Just make sure you’re careful

After checking everything out, your next step is to make it truly perfect with the right accessories. These accessories make using your MacBook more enjoyable and extend it’s life.

You probably got a few gift cards or some cash from Christmas too. So, use that towards getting the accessories your MacBook deserves.

Keyboard Cover

It’s only a matter of time before some kind of liquid ends up on your keyboard. The last thing you want is to damage your MacBook just weeks or months after getting it. Of course, a cover is also ideal for keeping food crumbs out of the keys when you’re snacking and checking Facebook at the same time.

A soft, yet durable keyboard cover protects against spills, dust, crumbs and more. Our keyboard covers come in a variety of colors, such as black and rainbow. Plus, everything’s printed on the cover, so you don’t have to guess at what’s on which keys.

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

If you’re planning on using your MacBook mainly at a desk, you might want to consider a wireless keyboard and mouse. This allows you to use your MacBook at little more ergonomically. Plus, you’ll extend the life of your MacBook’s built-in keyboard and mouse.

Protective Sleeve

Maybe you wanted a MacBook for Christmas to take with you on your travels or to use to write the next great novel at your local coffee shop. If you’re traveling at all with your MacBook, you need a protective sleeve. It only takes a second for you to drop your MacBook and watch helplessly as it shatters on the sidewalk. Or, someone could walk by your table and bump it off.

Either way, you’re looking at screen and/or hard drive damage. In most cases, you’re looking at costly repair bills. If the hard drive’s damaged, you could lose all your data too. Instead, invest in a protective sleeve that protects against falls, such as the Bumptect Pro. This sleeve fits your MacBook perfectly and it even stays on during use. Plus, it’s slip resistant and waterproof (when zipped).

The Bumptect Stay In case works similarly, except it looks more like a standard carrying case. Your MacBook stays protected inside, but you also have a handle, shoulder strap and accessory pocket.

Wireless Headphones Or Speaker

Who uses their new MacBook in silence? You’re probably streaming your favorite music while you customize your new gift. Get superior sound with wireless headphones or even a wireless speaker. If you’re using your MacBook around others, they might appreciate the headphones.

Apple has a line of headphones and speakers to meet any need. From cushioned Beats Studio3 Over-Ear-Headphones to the smaller BeatsX Earphones, you’ll find the perfect headphones for comfort and sound. You can also stream your music to wireless speakers to fill a room or a whole home.

Protective Case

A sleeve does offer protection, but what happens if you have your MacBook outside the sleeve? This is where a protective case comes into play. You never have to remove it, but it still protects your MacBook from bumps and falls. You could even combine the two for double the protection.

For a unique look, try the Hexpact case. It comes in both black and clear and features a beautiful hexagon design. It slips on in seconds and stays on. It even prevents your MacBook from sliding off your desk.

For a brighter look, try a Neon Party case, which comes in multiple colors, such as rose quartz and serenity blue. It’s ideal for protection and beauty. Plus, you’re MacBook will definitely stand out from the rest.

Every MacBook needs the right accessories. Make sure you give yours the accessories it needs for a long, happy life.

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