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Fashionable Protection For Your MacBook

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Who said MacBook protection had to be bland and boring? Why shouldn’t it be fashionable and fit with your personal style?

Actually, it can. You customize your MacBook with all your favorite wallpapers, music, photos and more. Now, customize it on the outside too.

And no, you don’t have to sacrifice anything to get protection for your active lifestyle. Your MacBook will look great and stay safe.

Unique Hex Shape Designs

Nature prefers hexagon shapes and it’s not just because they look good. The hexagon allows for lightweight strength. This means when it’s used in a MacBook case design, you get protection that doesn’t weigh you down.

That’s exactly what the Hexpact series of MacBook cases does. Much like bees in nature, the honeycomb design of hexagons helps to evenly distribute the impact during a fall to prevent damage to the MacBook. Of course, it’s hard to get past the unique design. In both clear and black models, it’s a case that’s different from all the rest, while giving you incredible protection.

Go Neon

Why blend in? Go neon instead. Neon colors might sound more like they fit in the 80s, but retro is awesome again. Show off your love of brilliant neons while still keeping your MacBook safe from random bangs and bumps. The Neon Party line of MacBook cases come in beautiful, vibrant colors. Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz instantly stand out, but if you’re looking for something fashionable, yet more subtle, try the stunning Marble or Clear (to add a bit of shine).

The best part is they’re easy to snap on. So, you get quick installation, great protection and a case your friends will envy.

Protect From Bumps

If you move your MacBook around often, you’ll need a sleeve that’s designed to withstand random bumps. So many MacBook sleeves look like boring boxes. There’s nothing different or fun. In most cases, there’s either a hard shell that somehow doesn’t fit quite right or no padding at all.

With Bumptect, you get 360 degree protection for all the bumps you encounter while traveling. Whether it’s for pleasure or work, your MacBook can take a hit without actually getting hurt. The Bumptect in black looks classic and fits your MacBook like a glove. After all, if your MacBook is sliding around, it’s not being protected. Naturally, if you want something that stands out, try the Bumptect in vivid blue instead.

Both models feature water-resistant zippers to prevent water from leaking in. The textured finish keeps your MacBook completely secure, so if you drop it, no problem. With multi-layer shock-absorbing foam, the safety of your MacBook is the furthest thought on your mind. You just get great, fashionable protection you don’t have to worry about.

Fashionable Cases With Storage

How many cases fit more like sleeves while still providing space for accessories? The Bumptect Stay In Case is one of the most versatile, yet fashionable cases you can buy. It fits tightly and securely to protect against bumps and drops. While it looks like a case on the outside, it fits like a sleeve. You don’t have to remove your MacBook from the case to use it.

On top of that, there’s an accessory pocket on the front to store your charger, phone, ID and other small items. To prevent having to have an extra bag to carry your MacBook in, the case also has an integrated handle to easily carry it with you. If your hands are full, no problem. The included shoulder strap lets you take your MacBook with you while keeping it safe.

Unlike many other cases, it’s skid-proof. When you set it down, it’s not going anywhere easily. This makes it incredibly easy to open the case and get work done without any slipping and sliding.

Remember, fashionable protection for your MacBook isn’t just a dream anymore. Look great and worry less with a MacBook case designed for your needs in mind.

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