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5 Ways For Businesses To Prevent Employee MacBook Accidents

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Accidents happen all the time, even with MacBooks. Take a look as your employees go about their days. How many accidents do you see happen?

That dropped ink pen or cup of coffee could just as easily be a MacBook crashing to the floor. This is even more so for employees who have to travel with their MacBooks.

The good news is it’s possible for businesses to prevent employee MacBook accidents, at least damage from the accidents. All it takes is a few simple precautions.

Train On Proper Usage

Your business probably has a computer usage policy that dictates what sites should be avoided, whether personal activities are allowed and so on. However, most businesses don’t think about training employees on how to better care for their MacBooks.

For instance, your policy might list that MacBooks must be laid flat in the floorboard of a vehicle versus propped up in the passenger seat to avoid the MacBook from flying to the floor suddenly. Your policy may also state MacBooks should never be placed at the corners of desks to avoid accidentally knocking them off.

You should also state your policy on when and why MacBooks are replaced. Some employees may try to “accidentally” damage their MacBook to get a newer model.

Provide Protective MacBook Cases

Imagine what would happen if an employee was carrying their MacBook to a meeting. They bump into another employee and the MacBook goes crashing to the floor. What happens next? It could either crack the external enclosure, damage the screen and ruin the hard drive or it could land harmlessly on the floor. The latter might sound like wishful thinking, but protective MacBook cases are designed to help MacBooks do just that.

Employee MacBook accidents will happen. What occurs as a result is up to your business. The Hexpact case is designed with a special honeycomb that evenly distributes the shock from a fall. The unique design also helps MacBooks vent easier by raising them slightly.

Think of protective cases as peace of mind. They’re inexpensive and help prevent the inevitable damage that unprotected MacBooks face.

Offer Anti-Skid Mats

Desktops are slick. While that may be great in some cases, it’s horrible when it comes to a MacBooks. Every little bit of extra grip aids in preventing a MacBook from being accidentally knocked off of a desk. Anti-skid mats provide better grip and can even cover the entire desktop so pens and papers don’t fly off so easily either.

Of course, some protective MacBook cases also have anti-skid features. This is ideal for employees who take their MacBooks everywhere. The built-in anti-skid feature ensures they don’t have to carry around a mat with them.

Cover The Keyboard

When a MacBook is open, the danger level increases. How many of your employees keep a cup of coffee or glass of water nearby while working? What about snacking while checking emails? Liquids and crumbs can and will make it to the MacBook’s keyboard.

However, it’s easy to help protect the keyboard and internal components from damage simply by using a keyboard cover. These covers fit snugly, but are easy to remove to clean. They also give you a few extra seconds to before liquids have a chance to get inside your MacBook. The great thing is they also allow the MacBook to still close.

Forbid Foods And Liquids

Another option is to simply ban employees from having food or drink near their MacBooks. They’re free to have snacks and drinks in designated areas during breaks and lunches only. However, there isn’t a guarantee that the employee will obey. Even if they accidentally damage their MacBook, your business is more than likely still on the hook for the repair bill.

A protective MacBook case like the Hexpact is still one of the easiest ways to prevent employee MacBook accidents from becoming tragedies.

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