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5 Reasons Why You Need The MacBook Case For Business

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

If your employees don’t have protective cases for their MacBooks, it’s only a matter of time before their irreparably damaged.

Businesses often invest in MacBooks or ask employees to bring their own MacBook for a more secure operating system. What’s often left out is protection for the hardware itself.

Before a single employee picks up their MacBook, learn why it’s vital to have a MacBook case for business use. Of course, protection for home use is always a good idea too.

Repair Costs Are Expensive

You might consider a MacBook case to be an unnecessary expense, but iBenzer’s Hexpact MacBook Air 13” case is just $79.99. It provides protection against bumps, falls and other types of impact. On the other hand, the newest MacBook Air starts at $999.

Even if your business has AppleCare+ for Mac, you’ll pay for the coverage itself along with $99 per incident. For damage outside of the screen or external enclosure, you’ll pay $299 per incident. Plus, the coverage only allows for up to two incidents. All of that adds up to much more than a $79.99 protective case to prevent the damage to begin with.

Loss Of Sensitive Information

When a MacBook is dropped, it’s not just the screen or outer case that’s vulnerable to damage. In fact, you’re incredibly lucky if that’s all that suffers damage. A hard impact could permanently damage the hard drive. If employees aren’t backing up data on a regular basis, your business could lose irreplaceable sensitive data. This could include client contacts, project files, important photos and more. All it takes is a simple MacBook case for business to prevent this issue.

Constant Moving Around

While at work, employees are constantly moving their MacBooks around to go to meetings, collaborate with fellow co-workers or take it to show something to clients. All this moving around is a recipe for disaster. Every time you pick up your MacBook, there’s a chance you’ll drop it.

Just imagine if two employees have their MacBooks tucked under their arms. They’re walking by each other and both are talking on their phones. No one’s paying any attention until they’ve run into each other and both dropped their MacBooks. Now what? If they both have protective cases, they pick them back up and continue on their way. If not, both will likely need to be repaired or replaced.

Difficult To Replace

Business MacBooks usually have sensitive information on them along with company-specific apps. It’s a time-consuming process to set a MacBook back up to work with the company’s network. Of course, if you have any apps with limited licenses, you’ll need to cancel licenses and have them transferred to the new device. This usually means dealing with customer support and everyone knows just how long that can take.

Slipping a Hexpact or Bumptect case on a MacBook takes seconds. Taking less than a minute to protect a MacBook saves business’s hours worth of headaches later on.

Accidents Happen During Travel

If employees use their MacBooks to travel to client meetings or different company branches, their MacBooks are in even more danger. Think what could happen if a MacBook was dropped on pavement or a concrete sidewalk. Of course, there are also many more people to cause an employee to accidentally drop it too.

Luckily, the Bumptect Stay In case solves these issues for just $35.99. It features protective casing that zips up securely. You never even have to remove it from the case. Just open it up and you’re ready to go. Plus, it features a handle and shoulder strap for easy carry. Another benefit is the built-in accessory pocket.

Every business MacBook needs a protective case. It’s not a matter of “if” something happens. It’s a matter of “when.”

Protect your business MacBooks and avoid the hassle of dealing with damage later on. At iBenzer, we offer special programs for businesses, including custom cases to represent your business.

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