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5 Must-Have Items To Pack For A Weekend Getaway

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Outside of the obvious change of clothes and toiletries, what else should you pack for a weekend getaway?

Before you head off with friends, family or that special someone, make sure you’ve got everything you need to make the weekend absolutely perfect. Most important, make sure you’ve got the tech you need to capture those special moments.

A little planning now will make sure you have an even more fun time without feeling like you’ve left something behind.

Bluetooth Headphones

Whether you just need some tunes to drift off to before you go to sleep or something for the trip itself, you’ll want a pair of high-quality, noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones. The great thing is prices start as low as $30. Lifewire’s recommended options include a wide variety of pricing and features.

Waterproof Speaker

If you’re going to a lake or the beach, you might hesitate when it comes to taking any tech along with you. Never fear. Instead, take a waterproof speaker. There are even some that float in swimming pools. Now, you don’t have any excuse for not playing your favorite music as you hang out with friends, family or that special someone.

Now, all you need is your phone and your favorite streaming service. Consider a service that includes offline listening so the tunes never stop, even if you’re in a place without a signal or Wi-Fi. Remember to keep your phone in a waterproof case or bag so it doesn’t get damaged.

MacBook & iPhone

Obviously, you should pack your iPhone, but don’t forget your MacBook. Your MacBook is perfect for doing some editing on your pictures or giving you some extra space if you’re not able to upload your iPhone photos to the cloud. It’s also a fun way to keep a journal during your getaway. Your MacBook also makes it easier to check the area for restaurants, attractions and more. A bigger screen makes a massive difference.

If you’re taking your MacBook with you, don’t forget to pack protection. You have a protective case on your iPhone, right? Your MacBook needs the same, especially when you’re traveling with it. Consider an impact resistant case from iBenzer, such as the Bumptect or Hexpact. If you happened to drop your MacBook or the bag you’re carrying it in, you’ll be glad for the extra protection.

Portable Powerbank

The last thing you want is for your iPhone battery to die on you. What if you’re camping for the weekend? You shouldn’t have to worry about your battery dying while you’re listening to music, taking pictures or using an app to check out the stars. Make sure you bring along a powerbank to charge your phone fully.

If you’re taking your MacBook, a larger capacity powerbank or charger will actually fully charge your MacBook and even your iPhone. While they’re more expensive, it’s well worth it. If you’ll be outside all day, consider a solar-powered charger. These cost a little more, but they recharge themselves without any electricity, which is ideal for a weekend camping trip.

Base your powerbank on how many times you think you’ll need to recharge your devices. Remember, you’ll need to recharge the powerbank before it can be used again.

Apple TV

Finally, if you’ll have a TV where you’re going, pack an Apple TV. Easily stream your favorite shows wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection. It’s ideal for having a movie night before going to bed or just getting away to binge watch the latest show on Netflix or Hulu.

Don’t forget to keep it safe too. If you have a MacBook case with an accessory pocket, like the Bumptect Stay In case, you can slide your Apple TV into the pocket.

When you’re taking your MacBook along with you, remember that anything can happen. See how you can easily protect your MacBook.

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