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Hexpact SecureLock Case for Macbook Air 13.6’’ 2022-2023

Designed to fit: Macbook Air 13.6’’ (2022-2023)

Experience the Hexpact SecureLock Case for MacBook – where Apple’s sleek aesthetics meet superior protection. Our slim design complements your MacBook’s elegance without compromising on safety. The unique corner design effectively disperses impact, while the SecureLock feature ensures your MacBook stays firmly in place. With Hexpact SecureLock Case, enjoy the perfect blend of style, security, and sophistication. Protect your MacBook with the case that’s as smart as it is stylish. Choose Hexpact – where Apple sense meets ultimate protection.

  • Front Screen Lock: Securely protects your device from screen damage caused by external forces and small objects when in a schoolbag.

  • Secondary Damage Prevention: The front screen lock acts as a reliable mechanism to keep your laptop securely closed, minimizing the risk of secondary damage during unexpected drops or impacts.

  • Four Layers of Robust Defense: Dual-layer rugged design for exceptional durability and impact resistance in K12 school environments.
  • Corner Drop Resistant: Specially designed corners absorb shock, minimizing damage from accidental drops.
  • Military Drop Resistant: Certified by a recognized third-party authority to meet rigorous military-grade standards, providing comprehensive 360-degree protection against drops, knocks, and shocks.
  • Fully Vented for Optimal Performance: Strategically placed vents prevent overheating during intensive tasks, ensuring reliable performance.

  • Eco Guard: Utilizing eco-friendly materials and holding a CA 65 certification, ensuring pure protection for your device while meeting stringent environmental standards.

  • Barcode Friendly: Allows efficient scanning without removing the case, streamlining administrative processes in K12 schools.
  • Custom colors and logos are available.

Hexpact SecureLock Case for Macbook Air 13.6’’ 2022-2023

  • Compatible Devices

    Macbook Air 13.6'' 

  • Model Number

    M2 A2681

  • Dimension

    12'' x 8.5'' x 0.46''

  • Weight

    13 oz

  • Warranty

    30 Days

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