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What Types Of Protection Do Business MacBooks Need

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

When you talk about protection for MacBooks, your mind typically goes to virtual security, such as protecting against cyber threats.

However, cyber criminals don’t even get a chance to cause problems if your MacBook is physically damaged. You could still lose valuable data though if the hard drive suffers an impact.

It’s important to think about all types of protection when it comes to your company’s MacBooks. Preparing now eliminates wasted time and money later on.

Falls, Drops and Other Impacts

A split second is all it takes for an employee to drop their MacBook. While it’s tucked under their arm as they go off to a meeting, the slick device slides right to the floor. In that instant, an unprotected MacBook suffers potential damage to the screen, enclosure, hard drive and more. An impact, even a small one, is enough to cause costly damages.

Even when employees try to be careful, accidents happen. Maybe they have their MacBook in a bag and the handle breaks. Unless it’s a well-padded bag, the MacBook could be damaged. It’s important to remember that some damages can’t be repaired. For instance, if the hard drive is damaged, any data on it could be lost forever. Even data recovery experts may not be able to get back 100% of your data.

Protective MacBook cases help prevent issues. The Hexpact case has a unique honeycomb design that absorbs and distributes the impact, preventing damage from falls and impacts. It might seem overly simple, but it could save you hundreds or even thousands.

Drips, Spills and Leaks

Take a look at your employees’ desks. How many of them have a soda, coffee or water right next to their open MacBook? Everyone has knocked over a glass or mug at some point. Liquids and MacBooks don’t mix. While it’s easy to grab the MacBook and prevent any liquids from going underneath it, it’s not so easy to prevent fluids from getting into the keyboard.

You could forbid employees to have liquids near their MacBooks, but that rule will get broken. The best idea is to use a silicone keyboard cover. While liquids may eventually leak under the cover, you gain precious seconds and minutes to clean up the spill before it ruins the MacBook. The good thing is this also helps the keys from showing so much wear and tear.

Dirt, Dust And Debris

Dirt, dust and debris from food and office supplies tend to get down into every crevice of a MacBook keyboard. It’s seemingly impossible to clean it all out. Gradually, this causes damage to the keys and makes it difficult to use the keyboard at all. While you could take it to have it taken apart and cleaned, protect the MacBook against this type of problem with a keyboard cover. It’s a cheap way to extend the life of the keyboard and protect against liquids and debris.

Backups, Backups and More Backups

While backups won’t protect a MacBook physically, they’re still a crucial protective step. For instance, what if someone spills a drink and doesn’t realize it poured into a MacBook sitting in a bag on the floor next to the desk? Before anyone could clean it up, the MacBook may be ruined. While a Hexpact case stops damage from impacts, it won’t stop that type of damage.

In the US alone, 140,000 business hard drives fail every week. While some just wear out or have defects, 29% of failures occur due to employee accidents.

Always perform daily backups. Of course, your IT department should regularly test backups to ensure they work properly. The last thing you want is to discover your backups are useless. Some businesses find out the hard way that their backups didn’t work right after accidents, data breaches and ransomware attacks. Ideally, businesses should back up all devices daily. You can also opt for storing data automatically in cloud services for instant backups.

Ready to start protecting your business MacBooks? Start by seeing how Hexpact case is designed to save your MacBook’s life.

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