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Is Fashion Or Protection More Important For Your MacBook Case?

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

When it comes to a MacBook case, you have two main options. You could opt for a highly fashionable case that expresses your personality.

Or, you could opt for a more protective case. It might not look as cute or trendy, but it does keep your MacBook safer.

The big question is how do you choose. More importantly, why should you have to choose between the two at all?

Fashion Matters For Many Reasons

Fashionable MacBook cases look good. There’s no denying that they instantly make your MacBook stand out as yours and yours alone. They also tend to be lightweight since they’re usually no more than an extremely thin sleeve. Think of them as a book cover.

These cases might keep the dust off, but that’s about their only useful function. So why do people still choose fashion over protection?

It all comes down to understanding fashion in general. Why do you wear the clothes you do? Why do certain accessories speak to you over others? As this Quora thread exposes, it’s all about how fashion makes you feel. While being trendy and fitting in might be part of it, most people choose their own personal fashion as a way to express themselves.

Of course, fashion is also about making you feel good. Research has shown that the clothes you wear can even change how you think and act. A fashionable MacBook case is just another accessory that helps you feel good about yourself and shows what type of person you are. For instance, you wouldn’t want a MacBook case with a cartoon character telling someone to $*%& off. Instead, you’d opt for something more professional, but maybe colorful with a cute print.

Avoiding Protection

A protective MacBook case sounds great in theory, but they’re not fashionable. They tend to just be plain and bulky. Think of it as carrying around your MacBook in an ugly black box. While you know you need to protect your MacBook, the thought of giving up that fashionable case often outweighs the risks of an unprotected MacBook.

Another issue is protective MacBook cases are often heavy. While a MacBook doesn’t weigh much, if you’re carrying it in a shoulder bag or purse, adding a heavy protective case to it might make it uncomfortable to travel with. No one wants to deal with that.

No More Compromising

Your MacBook is far too expensive to leave its fate to chance. No matter how fun or funky a fashionable MacBook case might be, you’re risking hundreds of dollars every time you carry or get out your MacBook. Somehow, fashion doesn’t seem worth that risk.

But, what if you didn’t have to compromise? What if you could have both fashion and protection? Yes, it is possible! For instance, our Hexpact MacBook Case instantly stands out with its large hexagonal design. It gets even more fashionable when you customize it with your branded logo. Plus, this case helps protect your MacBook from falls without weighing it down.

Another great benefit of a Hexpact MacBook Case is you’re still able to personalize your MacBook with laptop stickers. The Hexpact MacBook Case leaves six areas exposed within the hexagonal design. A seventh central spot showcases the Apple logo, but you could spice up your case with stickers placed under the case that will show through these six areas.

You get all the benefits of a protective case without having to compromise on fashion. When you get the best of both worlds, why would you not opt for a more protective MacBook case?

Of course, if you just want something beyond the typical black, white or gray, choose a bright neon color case instead. Much like the Hexpact, our Neon Party cases come in bright pink and blue while still providing lightweight protection.

Tired of choosing between fashion OR protection? Choose both with iBenzer’s full line of fashionable protective MacBook cases.

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