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Common Mistakes You Make While Using Your MacBook

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

You use your MacBook every day and do all the things you want. What possible mistakes you could be making?

Sadly, the most common mistakes people make aren’t obvious until the worst happens. It’s kind of like taking the perfect picture only to realize your iPhone is full.

Before the worst happens to your MacBook, take steps to prevent these mistakes from happening to you. It’ll save you a lot of stress and heartache.

Believing You Don’t Need Anti-Virus

With the rise of malware and ransomware, MacBooks should have some form of anti-virus or at least an anti-malware program. It’s long been believed that MacBooks are immune to viruses, but while they are more secure, they’re still vulnerable. For instance, opening a spam email could end up locking down your computer with ransomware.

While Macs don’t see the same number of threats as other operating systems, more people are starting to use Macs, which make them more attractive to hackers. You may never experience any problems, but installing a free anti-virus program could prevent the worst case scenario from happening to you.

Never Using A Case

MacBooks are more durable, but they’re not built like tanks. If you drop them, they still feel the impact. More importantly, the internal components, such as your hard drive, feel the impact. Simply sliding it into your briefcase, purse or backpack is just asking for the worst to happen. What if the strap broke on your purse or messenger bag? Your MacBook would go crashing to the ground with little to no protection.

There’s no guarantee that the damage can be repaired and if the hard drive is damaged, all your files could be lost. It’s a common mistake to think your MacBook can take anything. Prevent this from happening to you by investing in the right case, such as the Bumptect Pro or the Hexpact.

Drinking And Eating While Using

When you’re relaxing and using your MacBook at home, you probably have a snack and/or drink right at hand. This means they’re just inches from your MacBook. Would you do the same just inches from your TV? No. So why would you risk damaging your MacBook with food and drink?

No one thinks it’ll happen to them until it’s too late. Grease drips onto the keyboard from a slice of pizza or you start laughing at a video and spew water all over the screen and keyboard. While it won’t prevent things from getting on your screen, a keyboard cover does help prevent spills on the keyboard itself. A splash resistant case also helps keep your MacBook protected when it’s closed.

Using It On Your Lap

You should never use a MacBook on your lap or anywhere else where it’s difficult to vent. The same goes for laptops, despite the name. You should always use a MacBook on a desk or if you place it in your lap, use a solid lapdesk, preferably one with vents.

The problem is your MacBook has to vent out heat. If it can’t, that heat builds up. It can easily scald your legs if you’re not careful. Plus, having the heat constantly in your lap could result in health problems. Another issue is your MacBook can’t handle its own heat. That’s why it’s trying to vent. Too much heat results in problems like hard drive failure, battery issues and much more. Imagine being outside on the hottest day of summer in a sweater, bulky winter coat and snow boots. Your MacBook feels the same way.

Never Backing Up Files

It’s a common mistake, but one that leaves you devastated if your MacBook’s hard drive crashes. It may never happen, but consider this. What if you’re making any of the above mistakes in addition to this one. It’s kind of like doubling your chances of losing all your important files.

Apple provides easy to follow guides for backing up your MacBook. It only takes a few minutes to set up regular backups and should the worst happen, you’re covered. It’s better to be safe than lose irreplaceable files when you least expect it.

Don’t let common mistakes take your MacBook from you. Instead, do everything you can and use the right products to protect your MacBook.

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